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About our company

Каталог АльянсТехноГруп

AllianceTeсhGroup LTD is a multi-enterprise, whose main activity is the supply of goods and services for the industrial sector.

AllianceTeсhGroup LTD constantly developing and expanding its activities, guided by the requirements of customers, demand growth and the development of the overall market.
Knowledge and experience - is the foundation of our company.
Employees of AllianceTeсhGroup LTD will help you to solve a number of complex industrial nature of the problems in your plant.
AllianceTeсhGroup LTD in some cases ready to go to meet the customer and, if necessary, take the main costly part over the implementation of construction and testing of the products supplied.
The location of AllianceTeсhGroup LTD allows a minimum time interval to deliver products to the customer's warehouse to reduce the economic losses in downtime at the plant in the event of an emergency or a scheduled stop.
Our loyal customers, we can offer personalized, low prices for spare parts running position, passing a rigorous inspection before shipment, favorable working conditions: a partial prepayment or deferred payment.
The main purpose - to supply quality, economically sound "industrial products", the performance of which is to serve its existing and anticipated needs of our customers.
We can offer products of any complexity (including individual and non-serial) for the engineering, energy, food, pharmaceutical, metallurgical industry, with subsequent installation if necessary.
And existing and potential customers, we offer to see the products and services offered by our company.

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